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Al Jazeera

BBC News

The Christian Science Monitor

Foreign Affairs

Foreign Policy

The New York Times

The Times of India

The Wall Street Journal

The Washington Post

Ethics for Political Science

The American Political Science Association's 2012 A Guide to Professional Ethics in Political Science (2nd Edition)

Martha Ackelsberg, with Gayle Binion, Georgia Duerst-Lahti, Jane Junn, Laura Van Assendelft, and Bang-Soon Yoon's 2004 “Remembering the “Life” in Academic Life: Finding a Balance between Work and Personal Responsibilities in the Academy” in PS: Political Science & Politics

Aristotle's 350BCE Nicomachean Ethics, Book I (Parts 1 to 3)

Harry Collins & Trevor Pinch's 1993 The Golem: What Everyone Should Know About Science

Lee Ann Fuji's 2012 "Research Ethics 101: Dilemmas and Responsibilities"

Beryl A. Radin's 2012 John Gaus Lecture "Reclaiming Our Past: Linking Theory and Practice"

Bertrand Russell's 1940 "The Functions of a Teacher"

Andrew Stark's 2002 "Why Political Scientists Aren't Public Intellectuals" in PS: Political Science & Politics

Max Weber's 1919 "Politics as a Vocation"

Max Weber's 1918 "Science as a Vocation"


The American Political Science Association's 2006 special issue of American Political Science Review on the "Evolution of Political Science"

Robert H. Bates' 1997 "Area studies and the discipline: A useful controversy?" in PS: Political Science and Politics

Andre Bennett, Aharo Barth, Kennet R. Rutherford's 2003 “Do We Preach What We Practice? A Survey of Methods in Political Science Journals and Curricula” in PS: Political Science & Politics

Harry Collins & Trevor Pinch's 1993 The Golem: What Everyone Should Know About Science

Arend Lijphart's 1971 "Comparative Politics and the Comparative Method" in The American Political Science Review

Rose McDermott's 2002 "Experimental Methods in Political Science" in The Annual Review of Political Science

Christopher Robert and Richard Zeckhauser's 2011 Harvard Kennedy School Faculty Research Working Paper on "The Methodology of Normative Policy Analysis"

Bertrand Russell's 1940 "Epistemological Premises"

Bertrand Russell's 1927 "Knowledge Behaviouristically Considered"

Bertrand Russell's 1917 "Knowledge by Acquaintance and Knowledge by Description"

Bertrand Russell's 1931 "The Limitations of Scientific Method"

Bertrand Russell's 1951 "Non-Demonstrative Inference"

Bertrand Russell's 1920 "Psychological and Physical Causal Laws"

Bertrand Russell's 1941 "Science and Values"

Bertrand Russell's 1926 "Theory of Knowledge"

Bertrand Russell's 1912 "Truth and Falsehood"

Benedict de Spinoza's 1662 On the Improvement of the Understanding

Style and Format

The American Political Science Association's 2006 Style Manual for Political Science

The American Psychological Association Style Manual

Purdue OWL Online

Data Sources

Center for International Development and Conflict Management - Projects

Center for Systemic Peace - Global Conflict Trends

Center for Systemic Peace - Integrated Network for Societal Conflict Research

Center for Systemic Peace - Major Episodes of Political Violence

Center for Systemic Peace - Polity Project

Central Intelligence Agency - World Factbook

Columbia International Affairs Online

Congress.gov (formerly THOMAS)

Correlates of War

Freedom House

Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance - Publications and Databases

International Monetary Fund - Data and Statistics

Library of Congress

National Archives and Records Administration

National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism - Data Sets

Peace Research Institute Oslo - Research

Penn World Tables v. 8.0

Political Instability Task Force (formerly the State Failure Task Force)

Political Party Database

Social Science Data Collection - Database on Ideology, Money and Elections

United Nations Cartographic Section

United Nations Databases

United Nations Documents

United Nations Dag Hammarskjöld Library

World Bank Data

World Bank Research & Outlook

World Trade Organization - Documents and Resources

Professional Organizations

The American Political Science Association

Association for Politics and the Life Sciences

The International Political Science Association

The International Studies Association

Kentucky Political Science Association

National Conference of Black Political Scientists

North Carolina Political Science Association

Pi Gamma Mu International Honors Society in the Social Sciences

Pi Sigma Alpha National Political Science Honors Society

Southern Political Science Association

Virginia Social Sciences Association

Employment for Political Science Majors

The American Political Science Association's "Careers in Political Science"

The University of Connecticut's "What Can I Do With My Political Science Degree?"